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Friday 29th April 2016

We left Braunston this morning.We were there to have a new freexer fitted. The new one is much smaller so we have also have a new shelf in the space created. We also had our fridge serviced.

We have of course encountered the wintery weather with freezing mornings, sleet and the bitterly cold wind. The picture of the week on our diary page is of an icy rope. The one positive is that we are able to run the hesting again since leaving the dry dock.

We have heard no more about Janice's high potassium. Either nothing needs doing or our GP has not yet had the results from Hemel Hempstead Hospital.
My casualty follow up appointment has still not been made. I have chased it on the last three Mondays and again today. It should be 6 weeks from the 2nd April. This afternoon I was told that it has to be on a Tuesday and was offered 14th June. More like 12 weeks from my casulty visit. I have suggested 10th May.

We have got a plan for this year. We have contacted a few people to see if we can meet up. If you would like to do this as well please contact us. To find out how use the 'Contact Us' link on the menu bar above.

We have been asled to provide pictures of our cruising for the 'Link' meeting at Boyn Hill Baptist Church. A new page has been added for this purpose which you may find of interest There will be a new set of pictures for each time a meeting takes place. I will, however, add the pictures as we progress. There is going to be another wintry picture here.

This year we will be cruising from mid April to October. We are doing so while Matt, Ann and family live in our home while their's is having extensive building work.

Look under the 'What's New' link on the menubar above to see the changes that have been carried out since last cruising season.

You may be intereste to look at the information pages associated with the waterway slide shows. So far 7 of these have been completed.

If you are new to this site a good place to start is the 'Intro' link on the menu bar. There are introductory pages which, hopefully, will give you an appreciation of the contents. Regular visitors may find something new as well!

We can be contacted by or by phone on mobile phone07796 690137 or mobile phone07816 435356 and also when not cruising on home phone 01628 290248.

If you have any observations, good or bad, about our web site we would as always be most grateful to receive these.
Did you meet us on the 'cut'? Use this link to see the photo. Most recent addition is Alan at Iron Bridge Lock on the Grand Union Canal.
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