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6 - 12 Jun
Day From To Miles Locks Other Activities Remarks
Saturday Atherstone Marston Jabbett 8 5
Sunday Marston Jabbett Coventry, Bishop Street Basin 8 0 Morning worshio at Bedworth Community Church
Monday Coventry, Bishop Street Basin Ansty 8 1
Tuesday Ansty Rugby, Elliott's Fields 8 - SB: 1-moved; 1-Tunnel: 250 yds.
Wednesday Rugby, Elliott's Fields Baunston 9 3 Days Afloat mooring
Met Helen Hutt and Mike Rodd (NABO)
Thursday Baunston Baunston < 0 towpath
Friday Baunston Welton 4 6 1-Tunnel: 2042 yds.
SB: Swing Bridge

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We tried running the Webasto heater the night we stayed in Mercia Marina. We had to top up the circulating water but even after this it would not start. Aqua had a quick look and thought we had an airlock but with a 3 week engineering waiting list they were unable to do the work.
We contacted Braunston Marina who suggested Days Afloat also at Braunston.
As we were meetiung Helen Hutt and Mike Rodd of NABO on the 10th there we arranged for Days Afloat to look at the Webasto at the same time.
Days Afloat's investigation revealed that there was indeed an airlock but also that there had been another drop in the water level. An examination of the dry bilge, they made a new access point under the fridge, pointed to the calorifier. Here they found a loose, and therefore leaking, fitting.
The picture shows the vacuum extracting the water from the bilge.