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15 - 21 August
Day From To Miles Locks Other Activities Remarks
Saturday Packet Boat Marina not on board - -
Sunday Packet Boat Marina not on board
Monday Packet Boat Marina Southall 5 0
Tuesday Southall not cruising - -
Wednesday Southall not cruising - -
Thursday Southall Packet Boat Marina 5 0
Friday Packet Boat Marina not cruising - -
Saturday Packet Boat Marina Packet Boat Marina 9 6 Day trip to Denham

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While we were moored beside Tesco's at Bulls Bridge on Monday I was approached by a film crew for permission to feature Two Jays in their music video.
I may regret this but I did give permission. Our picture shows the two sctors and camera man filming on the roof.
We were promised that we would be given the web address when the film was uploaded. We have not heard yet. If we do I'll include this link on this page.